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The time I got to fuck my friends daughter and gra

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The time I got to fuck my friends daughter and graIt was a late night at the bar for all of us, I was just about to leave when my friends daughter asked me if I would mind giving her and her daughter a ride home because they both had to much to drink and neither of them were in any shape to drive as we were leaving the bar I happen to notice my friends daughter and granddaughter we're both giggling and whispering and pointing at me. When we got in the car everything was normal until we got on the freeway I happen to look in the rearview mirror I noticed the granddaughter and her pants down and was rubbing your p**** her mother was in the front seat asleep I acted like I didn't notice what she was doing and as we were pulling into the driveway I tried to wake up the mother she was so drunk I was only able to wake her up so I had to carry her into the house and up to her bed her daughter led the way to the bedroom and after I later on the bed I asked if I could use the bathroom while I was in the bathroom I heard a lot of moaning coming from the bedroom when I came out of the bathroom granddaughter had undressed her mother and also was naked herself that wasn't the weird thing that I noticed. When I walk back into the room the daughter was on top of her mother with her p**** and her mother's face her mother's p**** and her face in a 69 position Amaya was still passed out but yet she was moaning not realizing that it was her own daughter like in her p**** I just sat there and watched without her realizing that I was there my dick was hard as a rock so I pulled it out and started stroking it without making a noise next thing I know the daughter looks up as he's me standing here with my dick in my hand she tells me to take my clothes off and get over to the bed and as I'm walking to the bed she has me stand at the end of the bed where her face is in her mother's p**** is she grabs my dick and starts to suck it turn out of the blue she pulls me closer and puts my dick into her mother's p**** I start to f*** her and have some f****** her her daughters licking her p**** at the same time has proposed only had a p**** she starts to wake up and realizes there's a p**** in her face not realizing that their own daughters she starts to lick it sticking your tongue nice and deep and she puts one finger in pause it out while it's nice and wet she presses against what she doesn't realize is her daughter's a****** and slowly stick your finger in your ass while licking her p**** I'm about to cum a daughter sets up and gets off your mother's face and now she's doing that her mother realizes it was her own daughter that she was just licking and before she can say anything her daughter leans over and starts to kiss her as they're kissing I pull my dick out of the mother and slowly put it into the daughter and when I do that a daughter slowly kisses her way down her mother's body to her p**** and slowly starts licking it mother doesn't say anything that just grabs my dick from her daughter's p**** and starts to suck it as I'm about to come they both get on their hands and knees in front of me take turns sucking my cock then when I get ready to come I pull out of their mouth and shoot it over both of their faces after I'm done coming they like me clean and then all of a sudden I look at each other and start licking my cum each other's faces and before I could say anything a hemi on the bed 1 strangling my dick the other straddling my face while kissing each other this goes on for about an hour until they're both about ready to come then all the sudden they tell me I get on my knees and take turns licking their pussies and all of a sudden I thought they were both pissing all over me but it was just time coming and squirting all over my face after they get done coming they both start licking their juices off my face and chest we never mentioned at night to anyone and we never talked about it between us
04-15-2021, at 01:26 PM

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