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Mary's story Part 31

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Mary's story Part 31Mary watched as Linda opened the catheter pack and used the lubricant to slide the catheter into Fay?s urethra, checking the marks on it to make sure that it was positioned correctly. She inflated the cuff and pulled gently on it to make sure that it would not slide out. Then she opened the tap, and a stream of urine spurted on Mary. Shocked, Mary pulled her towel off. Fay tried to look. ?Don?t move, there will be time for that later.? ?I thought that she was hiding something interesting under there; is she one of your projects?? ?Stay still now, we will soon be finished.? Linda wiped Fay?s inner labia with a tissue, and folded them inside. She picked up the medical glue and used a thin line of it to stick the inner labia together so that they would stay folded. ?This is just Superglue really, but in a sterile form.? ?I thought that Superglue was permanent?? ?It will stick skin solid for about ten days, and releases gradually as the skin cells regenerate and the outer skin flakes off. The main benefit for this job is that is totally waterproof, which is why Fay has to be catheterised.? Then it was Fay?s outer labia that were stuck together, starting at the top and working all the way down, leaving just the catheter sticking out. Fay?s pussy was totally sealed up so none of the sperm could escape. Linda was still working on Fay applying the adhesive dressing. This was specially designed to fit round the catheter and provided a total seal all round Fay?s pussy. ?There, that?s finished. I?ll leave you to finish up, Mary, I need to nip home and feed Paul. You will be alright; there are no other appointments until six o?clock. Do you want me to bring you and Sue something back? It?s going to be a long night, so you will need something.? ?Yes, please,? said Mary, ?I don?t fancy going to the café again.? ?I should be back by six. If you need anything call my mobile.? And with that Linda left them all to it. Mary helped Fay off the bed, and she stood up. ?What does it feel like?? asked Mary. ?It feels very strange, I can feel all that sperm sloshing around inside me at the moment, but that goes off as they get absorbed. The catheter takes some getting used to but it is only in for 10 days. Well, unless Linda uses too much glue and we can?t open my labia. But really, I should be asking you about your modifications, they look so permanent. How do you cope with that?? ?Yes they are permanent, but it is OK as it is almost official, the Bishop has instructed the Vicar to get herself done as well.? ?What, the Reverend Jaqueline? She has always seemed so uptight.? ?Well, not any more. She has just had her nipples pierced, and is next door draining your husband?s balls for you!? Fay rushed out of the room without getting dressed. Mary followed her. Fay flung open the door to Room 2. There was Chris lying on the bed, with Jaqueline straddling him. ?What do you think that you are doing?? screamed Fay. Jaqueline got off the bed and pushed Fay back outside the door. Neither of them seemed to care that they were both naked.?Well, I?m trying to drain his balls, but he doesn't seem able to get an erection.? ?Nor would he, with the amount of female hormones I am giving him. Didn?t you notice that he has got absolutely no body hair? Didn?t you notice that he has female breasts, with pink tattooed nipples? Didn?t you notice that he has a big pink bow tattooed on his pubic area? He wants to dress in women?s clothing so I am giving him a female body. All you had to do was squeeze his balls tightly until his filthy juice leaked out. His useless cock and balls will be gone soon, and turned into a pussy, so men will be able to fuck him just like they fuck me. Roger has said that he will fuck him for me when he is done, and then he will know what a good fuck feels like.? ?Who is Roger?? ?Roger is the guy with the biggest black cock I have ever seen, and I would like to see you try to drain his balls, you sanctimonious cow.?Jaqueline drew herself up to her full height. ?It may have escaped your notice that the Church is modernising, and we are taking a much stronger interest in what really goes on in the Parish, which is also why I am here; also, why I was out last night with the street girls. It seems to me that-? Fay cut her off in mid-sentence. ?So it was you last night giving free seconds. Half my men couldn?t perform today, thanks to you. That might be another month that I don?t get pregnant.? Whilst this row continued outside, Chris got off the bed, and Mary went over to help him dress. There were some really large thick rings on the table, which Chris slipped over his testicles one by one. Mary handed one to him, feeling its weight in her hand. It must have weighed four ounces at least, and she counted 10 of them already weighing his scrotum down, when he picked up the last one. Mary could see that this was different. It was much heavier and in two halves. Lifting the solid rings up close to his body, Chris made space to fit the two half rings. He clearly could not see what he was doing, so Mary told him to lift the other rings up and she would place the last ones for him. The two halves snapped together tightly. ?Now we need the small lock, please.? Mary saw the padlock on the table and pressed it into the holes on the last rings, snapping it shut. Mary watched, fascinated, as Chris picked up the last piece of metal from the table. It was a solid piece of steel, which looked for all the world like a tightly bent penis. Chris put it on and then locked it all into place with a larger padlock. His cock and balls were all encased in steel. ?Take the keys, and give them to my wife, please. I am not allowed to have them in my possession.? Mary took the keys and held them in her hand. She could see the big pink Pussycat Bow tattoo which covered his pubic area, with the ribbons extending down his thighs. She could not resist touching it. This must have been the tattoo that he was waiting to get, she thought. Chris? skin was very smooth all over his body, and she remembered all the Electrolysis appointments that Chris had had. There was no shadow of a beard, and he appeared to have had his eyebrows tattooed on. Very carefully, Chris lowered the weights, stretching his scrotum dramatically. ?Does that hurt?? ?Constantly, the drag on my balls is very painful, but it is stretching the scrotum skin nicely. They will use the skin to make my pussy, so I need to go as far as I can. I need to be able to accommodate Roger; I don?t want him fucking me up my arse. Two more rings should be enough, and then Fay will have me operated on.? Whilst they were talking, Chris carried on getting dressed. Mary watched as he put on a pink suspender belt and fishnet stockings, followed by a pink training bra. He put on a shirt, and then a pair of trousers. As he pulled them up, his scrotum rings caught on the waistband, making Chris wince. ?Doesn?t that damage your balls?? ?That hardly matters as they will be cut off and thrown away. They will use the end of my penis to make a clitoris and the skin to make inner labia, and everything else will be turned inside out to make a vagina. I don?t know how I shall pee, they haven?t decided yet, I will find out when they have finished my operation. Sometimes you can pee like a normal woman, and sometimes you pee out of your anus. It all depends on which surgeon does it.??Never mind how you will pee, I need to pee.? Fay had come up behind them. Chris turned and fell to his knees and put the end of Fay?s catheter into his mouth. Opening the tap, he swallowed the stream until Fay was drained. ?Here are your keys, Fay.? Fay took the keys and clipped it to her necklace. Mary saw that she already had several more keys on it. The chain hung down between her breasts.
04-07-2021, at 02:13 PM

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