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my christian wife's descent into slutdom

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my christian wife's descent into slutdommy dream had come wife of 5 years, a devout christian girl, was being gangfucked in our own bedroom by 10 old men?old enough to her grandfathers?who were also complete strangers to us. this was the culmination of a long road into her descent from a virgin girl when i married her into a girl who just had 50th dick penetrate her christian pussy. completely amazing. let me start from the beginning.when i married my wife, we were both 24. she grew up in a christian home while i was an agnostic. against her parents' wishes, she married me anyway. i grew up looking at porn since i was 12 and always wanted a pornstar wife. my wife is very pretty, with long brunette hair, but not a model. her body is attractive but no one would mistake her for a porn star. she had average boobs (34D) but a slim waist and long legs?sexy enough for me.when we were married, we discussed being on birth control for two years and then try to get pregnant. that's when i hatched my plan.first, while on birth control, i stole some of her pills. by the time she told me it was time to try to get pregnant, i had a sizeable stash. i crushed the pills and every month would slip them into one of her drinks, so she would still be unable to get pregnant. in the meantime, i made a deal with her gynecologist, who happened to be male, that he would tell my wife that my sperm was the problem, and in exchange for telling her that, i would get her drunk and he could fuck her.three years later, she finally expressed her frustration at not being pregnant. she told me she was now almost 30 and her clock was ticking. i suggested going to her gynecologist to get both of us tested for fertility problems. just before the gyne visit, i persuaded her to have a couple drinks to relax her nerves. since she's a christian, she doesn't drink much. so when she had a couple drinks, she was incredibly incoherent. at the gyne's office, the gynecologist told her the problem was my sperm. my drunk wife started to cry, the gyne tried to console her, and before long, the gyne slipped his dick into her pussy?the first dick to ever penetrate her pussy besides me. though she was drunk, i was scared she would still realize what was going on and start screaming for help. but to my surprise, she seemed to like it, moaning and groaning as her gynecologist was fucking the very pussy he typically examines. it gave me an incredible hard-on but i was afraid others in the office would hear her moaning. so thinking fast, i took my dick out and put it in her mouth to keep her quiet. i thought the concept of two dicks inside her at the same time would make my christian wife disgusted and wake her up from her stupor. instead, she lovingly sucked my cock while her gyne continued to fuck his patient's pussy?right in the gyne's office! my wife's first dp?it was incredible. i took some pictures with my phone, did a silent high-five with the gyne and whispered to him to cum inside my wife's pussy, which he did. my wife fell asleep on the car ride home. i put her in bed and she slept the rest of the day and night.the next day, she said she couldn't remember anything from the gyne visit and asked me if the gyne told her my sperm was the reason we couldn't get pregnant. i confirmed it was true, and she cried and grieved a little. a couple days later, i asked what she thought about sperm donors. she was open to the idea but thought that was expensive. we looked into it online and did find it too much for our budget.a couple days after that, i started a key point in my plan: i proposed having my best friend try to impregnate her by fucking her. the pros: the sperm would be free, the sex would be natural?which feels good compared to the cold process of artificial insemination, and the comfort of knowing that the contributing male is someone we know rather than some total stranger. the con, i told her, was that it might be awkward for her to see my best friend as her sexual partner rather than as a friend going forward. my best friend was not married but did knock up a couple of his ex-girlfriends. she rejected it quickly, saying he had "been around" and that she didn't want to have sex with someone who had "been around". she also didn't particularly like him. to her, he was arrogant and kind of a jerk. no problem, i said, and i put no more pressure on it.three days later, she told me she was thinking about my idea and thought it would be ok. cha-ching! dream come true! hiding my excitement behind a stoic facial expression, i told her that i understood it would be weird but agreed with her that it was best for us?especially since it's free.the next night, my best friend came over for dinner with us. my wife was dressed for sex?wearing a tight low-cut shirt, a miniskirt i hadn't seen her wear since we were dating, and high heels. it was a turn-on for me to see her dressed to seduce my best friend. my best friend looked at her and simply said, wow. he kissed her gently on the cheek while holding her hands, and we had dinner together. after dinner, we sat on the couch and my best friend?a gigolo who had been fantasizing about my wife since we were dating?went to work. It was also a turn-on to see my best friend using his charm and skill on my wife, and sure enough, before long, he had the tip of his spear touching the lips of her glistening pussy.'i've been dreaming about fucking you since the day i saw you two dating,' he said to my wife without plunging in. he said some more amorous things, just touching her cameltoe with his cock but never inserting his cock inside. after a few minutes, my wife burst out, begging, 'oh, mark, please! please! i want you! just fuck me!!!' with that, for a split second, my best friend lifted a devilish sneer on his face and then plunged his dick forcefully and deeply inside my wife. my wife wailed?and there it was: my best friend was officially my christian wife's sexual conqueror. i watched as they fucked for 30 minutes before he finally came inside my wife. my wife passionately kissed and hugged him, telling him those three intimate words: "i love you" a guy she previously had a strong disdain. but that's the power of my gigolo best friend for you.over the next 8 months, my best friend would come over to our house, just to fuck my wife and then leave. he still had his girlfriends so he was living the bachelor's dream, fucking his girlfriend one day and fucking his best friend's wife the next day. during that period, i regularly joined in to dp my wife with my best friend. and b/c i was still dropping crushed birth control into her drinks every month, she still never got pregnant. we would go on dates, both me and my best friend with my wife. she would kiss me, then kiss him; she would tell me she loved me, then tell him she loved him. i would hold one of her hands while we walked on a date, and my best friend would hold her other hand. mark even convinced her to be dp'd in public?once on a beach, once in a park, once in a clothing store changing room and once in a restaurant. it was important to keep pushing and breaking those sexual norms that conservative christian girls have.after 8 months, my wife started to get nervous that she still wasn't getting pregnant. i suggested having more of my friends join in. the thought was, the more men dumping (and i didn't use the word "dumping" in front of her) cum into her pussy, the more likely she would get pregnant. they were all married and had k**s, so they had a proven track record of getting girls pregnant. but it was really just my sick desire to see all my good friends penetrating her pussy. again, she initially rejected the idea and agreed to it a few days 4 more of my good buddies turned into my wife's lovers, as her first-ever gangbang was a rousing success. can you imagine it? a devout christian girl now a gangbang girl. within a week, she realized that once you go gangbang, it's hard to be sexually satisfied with just one dick. so we always had mutliple guys using and abusing her holes. amazing!after another 8 months, she was loving the action but still depressed about not being pregnant. now it was time to up the ante. i proposed finding 10 guys on craigslist who were married with k**s to gangbang her. the idea of complete strangers fucking her didn't sound good to her but I again sold her on the idea that the more different guys who could upload their sperm into her womb, the more likely one of them will hit the jackpot. the same day i proposed this idea, she agreed. and within 2 weeks, i found 10 guys who i confirmed were married with k**s, and those 10 guys had the time of their lives. if you're counting, that's now 16 different guys who have enjoyed my sweet christian wife's pussy and mouth. and before long, those 10 craigslist guys joined me and my 5 buddies for a 16-man gangbang. my wife's pussy was red by the end and she was exhausted.of course, she still wasn't getting pregnant and she's now 33, so i switched to different groups of guys: 10 craigslist guys who were black (my logic to her was "supposedly, their sperm is incredibly effective at impregnating girls"), 10 craigslist guys who were teen boys ("their sperm is so young, it has to be fertile!"), 10 guys on our neighborhood block (again, using the "we know who they are" argument even though i really just wanted our whole block to know my wife was a slut and available to be fucked whenever they happen to be horny) and 10 craigslist guys who were senior citizens ("their sperm is genetically strong...look, they have grandc***dren!" when really i just like to see the juxtaposition of old men fucking a young girl).so that brings me to today, where the 50th of my wife's sexual partners just penetrated her while the 49th is simultaneously fucking her mouth, with 6 more old men eagerly waiting to jump in for the opportunity to cream a young pussy. when this event has finished, i'll stop giving her the birth control pills and see which random guy knocks up my wife. i don't want to stop at just 56 guys on her sexual history. she's so open to being fucked by anybody, young or old, black or mexican, friend or stranger, married or not, that my lovely christian slut could make over a hundred horny men very happy before getting pregnant. and that would be the ultimate proof of my christian wife's descent into slutdom: to have a baby with a guy and not know who the father is.
04-07-2021, at 02:13 PM

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