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Slave boy

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Slave boySo honey, any ideas for the costume party?" my wifeasked. Pam was standing at the kitchen counter,chopping carrots for the salad. She was a petitebrunette and her hips shifted as she leaned againstthe counter, giving a nice curve to her back.Even after five years of marriage, I was still crazyabout her, but I wasn't crazy about the idea of thiscostume party at her friend's house. Why couldn't wejust go and pull a good drunk? I remember the lasttime I had to get dressed up. I wore a frighteninglatex mask in the shape of a skull, a black leatherjacket, motorcycle boots, and black jeans. I lookedpretty damned frightening and cool at the same time,but it was impossible to drink beer through the mouthhole and within an hour, condensation from my breathhad turned the inside of the mask into a sauna.Eventually, I took it off, but after sweating in thegoddamn thing for hours; I was still a damned scarysight.Then an idea struck me. "You could dress up as wonderwoman, and I could be that guy from the Airforce," Isaid a little too helpfully."Bore-ing. . ." Pam replied. "How about Little-bro-peep and her sheep?""That's sick," I said. "And no way am I going todress up as a sheep with people asking me if I'm lostall night."I ran through some ideas in my head. God, I wish shewould have dressed up as Wonderwoman. I could imagineher in those tight blue panties, her shapely legs, anda top that wasn't much of a top. The images in myhead were waking up the little guy down below. It wasthen, with my mind in the gutter, when inspirationstruck. "I could be a pimp and you could go as myho.""I don't like pimps," she said, then waved the knifeat me. "Besides, I don't need protectin'. But I likethe way you are thinking."Pam snuck up behind me and reached around, grabbing mycock through my pants. "I thought so," she said,while I tried to continue working on the stir-fry."What about a cop?" she asked."What about a cop?""Silly," she said. "You know. A cop and a Ho.""It gets my vote." The little guy liked it too. Hethrobbed in her hot hand as images of Pam in a tinyblack number, high heels, and stockings crept in mymind.Pam leaned close and whispered in my ear. "A whorewould have to do whatever the cop said to keep fromgetting taken down town, wouldn't she?""Yes, she would." Okay, Halloween just moved fromlast place to first as my favorite holiday. I wantedto dress up now. I wished Halloween came every week."Oh yes, she certainly would," Pam growled as sheunhooked my belt and worked at my zipper."What about dinner?" I asked."Are you *that* hungry?""Not for stir-fry." I cut off the stove, turnedaround and grabbed her. We didn't even make it to thebedroom.***************The week seemed to last forever, and then, thank God,Halloween arrived. I had several recurring fantasiesof my wife dressed up as my Ho' all week. I hoped Icould make a couple of them come true."Honey, I've got the costumes." I heard Pam shout fromdownstairs."Alright!" I said, as I bounded down the steps. "Areyou ready to try them on?""Don't even think about it buster," Pam warned with asmile. "We don't have time to play around. Justenough time to get dressed and go to the party.""Do we have time enough for a quick cavity search?""If you're lucky, I'll let you pat me down for weaponsofficer Morgan."I took the outfit and hurried to the bedroom to try iton. It was then that disaster struck. My arms hungdown from the sleeves of the shirt. The pants andshoes? Fa-get-about-it. My fantasies were quicklydissolving. I looked to silly to be a cop. I lookedlike Jethro."Honey," Pam said, as she came out of the bathroom."I think there's been a mistake."I burst out laughing at her. She looked at me andlaughed as well. Her dress was too big for her andher heels swallowed her feet. She looked like alittle girl who got lost in her mom's closet."Those bastards!" she laughed. "They must have gotthe sizes switched. What are we going to do?""We could go as Mark and Pam," I volunteered.Pam looked me up and down and smiled wickedly. Ididn't like the look she was giving me. I felt like amouse being eyed up by the cat. She came over, sat onmy lap, and kissed me."Oh Markie," she said. Her hand found its way throughthe hole in my boxers. "You know what else we coulddo?""No," I squeaked, but I knew what she was thinking. Ididn't like it, but I knew alright.She licked her upper lip and bit her pouting lowerone. "I could be the cop . . ." she said huskily. ".. .and you could be the whore.""No way." Uh huh. No way. No how."I could make it worth you while," she said andtraced my lips with her tongue. "Besides, we don'teven know for sure that they will fit.""I can't.""Sure you can, it's Halloween.""But what about . . . you know . . . the little guy.""He feels like a big guy to me right now," she said,giving him a shallow pump. "Don't worry. I can takecare of him. I can take care of everything."She went down on her knees and took the head of mycock in her mouth. She sucked it and leisurely ranher tongue along the ridges. It wasn't enough tobring me off, but it felt damned good. I felt myresistance weakening by the second."Puh-leaze," she said, and gave my cock a kiss on thevery tip.My resistance dissolved. "We'll try. But nopromises. If I look too stupid or you laugh theshow's over."She jumped up, squealed happily, and clapped herhands. "Oh goody, oh goody, this is going to be somuch fun!" She led me to the bathroom and stripped myclothes off."First a shower." Pam turned on the shower and pushedme in.I got in, picked up a bar of soap, and started tolather up."Oh no," Pam said, as she slipped into the shower withme, and snatched the soap from my hand. "Just leaveit up to me Sugah; I'll take care of everything." Shesqueezed some gel onto a shower puff and lathered meup. It smelled like peaches. Hell, I guess I smelledlike peaches as well. She caressed my cock or mynipples every now and then, keeping me in a state ofconstant excitement."Now comes the fun part," she said, as she started tocoat me legs in shaving cream."Oh no," I said. "That's going too far."She licked and sucked at my balls. "Shhhh. . ." shesaid. "Lots of guys shave. It makes it easier to seeyour muscles."I can't believe it, but I allowed her to shave me.All over. I blush thinking about it, but she evenshaved me around my ass. The only thing she left mewas a tiny triangle of curly hair above my cock."God, you are *so* sexy," she said, gently licking atmy cock. "You make me want to cream.""Fuck the party. Let's stay here and play. I'm hornyas hell.""Not yet. Come on," she urged. "Let me finish youup.""That's exactly what I was hoping for." My ballsached, and I was desperate to cum."I meant your costume," she said.We got out of the shower. She dried me and wrappedthe towel around herself."Whores always wear lots of perfume." She took outher perfume and sprayed me on my neck, crotch, andstomach. She looked at me critically, smiled,shrugged her shoulders and sprayed me some more."First let's do something with these nails." Pam tookout a pack of fake nails. "Here we are. Nice longwhore nails.""These come off, don't they?" I asked. No way was Igoing to let her do anything permanent, no matter whatthe inducement she was offering."Of course," she shrugged me off. "They're just presson and pop off." She stuck them on and the paintedthem. When she was finished, she had me hold them upand blow in them. While I did this, she painted mytoenails."Baby, don't you think you are taking this a littletoo seriously. I haven't said I was going like thisyet," I said."I know, just let me finish with your nails and thenwe'll put on your makeup." Pam said, ignoring all myprotests."And whores love their makeup." My wife proceeded togive my face a liberal coating of make-up, completewith long fake eyelashes."Stop calling me whore," I said, struggling to get up."And let me look in a mirror. I want to see what kindof damage you've done."She pushed me down on the toilet seat and straddledme. The towel fell from her body as she shifted backand forth. "Be patient," she said, kissing me deeply,stabbing her tongue into my mouth."Good girl," Pam said. "Not stay there and let mefinish you up."Soon, I was completely in costume, sporting red heels,a black padded bra, black fishnets and garters, and ablack mini skirt and top that hugged me like a glove.Completing the outfit was a big blond wig."One last thing," my wife said, as she unwrapped apiece of bubble gum and pushed it in my mouth. "Okay,now you can look at yourself."The image that greeted me in the mirror wasastounding. My wife had done a good job. I lookedlike a prostitute sure enough. More precisely, Ilooked like a pretty damned scary prostitute. Theclothes hugged my slender build and the heels made mylegs and ass look . . . well . . . sexier than I feltcomfortable with. But, the jaw, the muscular shoulderand arms, and the fact that I was six four in heelsmade me look as much like some sort of androgynousAmazon as a whore."You're a good looking whore." Pam hugged me frombehind. Her hand were busy sliding up my stockingclad legs and playing with my garters, which I had toadmit felt damned sexy."I'm a scary looking whore." My cock throbbed,begging for attention. "And jeez, would you look atthat." I nodded down to my cock, tenting up from myskirt. "Looks like the costume party is out of thequestion."Pam traced the outline of my cock underneath theskirt. "That's not going to be a problem. A blowjobwill put him right to sleep. Then I'll make you niceand smooth with a pair of panties over top of yourgarters.""Shouldn't the panties go under my garters?" I asked."You're a whore dear. Whores have to be available atall times," Pam said. "Now why don't you go to thebedroom and make yourself available while I my costumeon. It would be a good time to practice in yourheels."I made a half-hearted effort to walk in the heels.Just enough so that I wouldn't fall. A few minuteslater, Pam emerged from the bathroom. The blueuniform fit her as if it were tailored. Her blackshoes were polished to a mirror shine. Her black hairwas piled underneath her hat. She wore a pair ofmirrored sunglasses. She scratched her crotch andstrode comically from the bathroom."What we have he-ah is a fail-uh to communicate," shesaid in a husky voice.I snickered. "What we have he-ah is someone who istoo sexy to walk like George Jefferson."She pushed the glassed down her nose and peered at me."Too much huh?""Yeah," I said. "Cops don't walk like that. Try itagain with your back straight, shoulders square, andglance from side to side as if you were looking forsomeone to commit a crime."She tried it a few more times until she finally got itor at least close enough for government work."Your turn," she said.I clomped across the bedroom in my heels."Stop-stop-whoa boy," Pam laughed."Very funny, I want to know the masochist who inventedthese things," I said."A man invented them honey," Pam said."Figures."Anyway, she had me practice until I could walk inthem. At first, I tried to walk like I remembered herdoing, but she quickly reminded me I was a whore. Itwas easier actually; just exaggerate the hell out ofeverything. I was soon swinging my ass and struttingmy stuff like the best of them."Okay," Pam said. "Get your pocket book and let'sgo.""I can't go like this," I said, then looked down at mybulging cock. "Besides.""Don't worry; I'll take care of that in the car. Soare we going or not?"She had her mirrored sunglasses back up and wasworking the cop impersonation to full effect."Well, I guess since you put it like that."********It was strange having her hold the door open for me aswe left the house. She even unlocked my side of thecar, but instead of holding the door open, she pushedme against the door of the car."Give me your hands," she ordered."What?" I asked with disbelief.She started tugging on my skirt. Shit!"Stop," I said, doing my best to preserve my modesty."I don't have on any underwear.""Your hands."I didn't relish the thought of my neighbors seeing . .. well everything I had, especially given my new'haircut'. I placed my hands behind my back and theywere secured there with the cold steel of herhandcuffs."Sorry whore, it's policy." She opened the door, andthen holding my head, helped me get inside. The skirtrose up and there was no way I could get it downenough to cover my cock. He wasn't helping one bit,since he was pointing straight up and keeping the hemof the skirt from sliding down."Baby, I'm kind of exposed here," I said as Pam gotinto the car with me."That's officer to you." She kept her face seriousexcept for a slight curl at the corner of her lips."Stop playing.""Who said I was playing?" Pam put the car in gear anddrove off.I was stubborn and refused to play her game. That was. . . until we got on the interstate."Officer?" I asked, blushing as I watch a tractortrailer come alongside."Yes, whore.""Will you cover me up? Please."She grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it over mycock. Her hand snuck beneath and stroked me. Iwanted to be mad and tell her to leave me alone, but Iwas far too horny to hold a grudge. Soon, I waspushing my hips in hopes of getting more stimulationso I could relieve the pressure in my balls."Please honey," I begged. She looked at me with hermirrored glasses, and didn't say a word as shewithdrew her hand. "I mean officer.""What can I do for you whore?" Pam played with mygarters."I'm horny.""How horny?""Ah-Very." I gasped as she squeezed my balls."Horny enough to take care of me later?""Yes, officer." I said. "I'll take real good care ofyou." I would fuck her like she wouldn't believe.She pulled the car over and parked at a very secludedpart of a shopping center. There was no one near us,but it was still much more public than I would haveliked. Especially, considering my attire.Pam pulled a condom from the pocketbook and wrapped itaround my cock, and then pulled out a very small andtransparent pair of black panties."Let's get these on you," she said."But what about. . .""Are you refusing?" she said."No officer," I replied. I played along with hergame, even raising my ass up so she could slip themunder my hips.Afterwards, Pam turned sideways, propping herselfagainst her arm which rested against her headrest.She smiled as she stroked my cock through the materialof the panties."Is this what you want whore?" she asked. "Do youwant to cream your panties?""Yes," I groaned."Yes, officer," she corrected, removing her hand andpinching first one nipple and then the other."Yes, officer.""Yes officer . . . I want to cream my panties."She resumed stroking my cock up and down. I pumped myhips, felt my cum rising. She pulled away again,pushing her fingers to my mouth."Suck them. Show me how you suck them whore." Pambit her lower lip. She was obviously enjoying whatshe was doing to me, but I wished I could see her eyesbeneath her mirrored glasses so I could see what shewas thinking. Instead, the only thing I saw was myown reflection. The reflection of a whore sexilysucking on three fingers as if she were sucking acock. I moaned helplessly. I was turning myself on.Pam reached over me and sprung the seat latch so thatI was leaning back. She resumed stroking my cockthrough the silky material of the panties. "Spreadthose whore legs," she said. "Go on, get those heelsin the air and beg me for it. Tell me what you want.""Oh God, make me cum. Please officer, make me creammy panties. Make me cream all over myself."What do they call a male slut? I don't know, butthat's what I was. I lay there in the passenger seat,my legs spread, my heels dangling in the air, cumming,cumming like you wouldn't believe. All the while mywife urged me on. "Cum for me whore. That's it. Letit go. Cream for me whore. Cream all in yourpanties."I was so spent; I lay in a stupor afterwards. Ibarely remember what happened other than her kissingme deeply and the somehow getting me back togetherbefore driving off again. Ten minutes later, wepulled up to her friend's house. The drive was packedwith cars and I was more nervous now than ever. Pamgot out, opened my door for me, and helped me out ofthe car.Why did I ever let myself get talked into this? "Idon't think this is such a good idea." I said."You want to wait in the car?" she said. ". . .byyourself?"Normally, I wouldn't have minded waiting in the car bymyself. But, dressed as I was, I was afraid to."Okay," I said. "But let's not stay long."*************I was afraid that it would be embarrassing, but I hadno idea. First of all, Pam introduced me as Whore andherself as Officer, which everyone enjoyed immensely.No matter how much I tried to correct them and tellthem my name was Greg, they all called me whore. Atfirst, I was worried about the men most of all, butthe most any of them ever did was wink at me and askme how much for a blowjob.The women were the worst. They would ask me what Igot picked up for. They also pulled at the hem of myskirt to see what kind of panties I had on and I washelpless to stop their attentions with my hands stillcuffed securely behind my back. Several of them evengrabbed my ass."Officer," I said, whispering in my wife's ear. I hadto call her officer or she would just ignore me. "Myskirt's riding up again." Those damned women!My stood in front of me and pulled my skirt down.Then she stroked my thighs and groped me right therein the kitchen. "Honey, please, someone will see."She ignored me. My cock was hard and throbbing fromher touch."Officer, I think that's enough."Pam moved back and I looked down in horror. A circustent had been erected at my crotch!"Wait," I hissed. "Officer, I'm ahh having somedifficulties." I nodded down at my crotch foremphasis.Pam pushed me back against the counter, and kissed meas she stuck a leg between my thighs. "So whore," shesaid. "You want to go outside and let me take care ofyour problem.""Yes," I breathed.She kissed me again. God, I was so hot. "What aboutmy problem? You've got me hot as hell and I need somerelief. NOW. You think you could help me with that."Shit yes. My raging hormones overrode and resistanceI had at the thoughts of taking her then and there,right outside the door. "Yes officer. Maybe we canwork something out."She hustled me out the back door and pushed me againstthe wall for a probing kiss, her hot tongue stabbinginto my mouth. I groaned and heard an echo. Next tous, Jane was on her knees while Tarzan leaned backagainst the wall. That wasn't a vine she was swingingon."Officer, why don't we go somewhere a little moreprivate," I whispered.The wet grass soaked through the pantyhose on my feetas we walked back behind a shed in the backyard. Shepushed me against the shed and resumed kissing meuntil I grew lightheaded. Pam's hand was soon betweenmy legs."Let's get you out of these panties," Pam said. Itwas strange hearing that. Soon, I was being pushed tomy knees.Pam smiled down at me. I could see myself in thereflection of her glasses. I wondered how she couldeven see at all through the dark lenses. She undidthe buckle on her belt. "Unzip me," she said."I can't." I was still handcuffed."Yes you can," she said. "Do it."God. I prayed no one would spot me, pressed my mouthto her crotch, snagged the zipper between my teeth,and pulled down. Then I pressed my face to her crotchin hopes of licking her slit through the boxers shewas wearing.What the? Where I expected to find moist yieldingflesh, I found rigid hardness."That's it whore," she said, licking her lips, andfreeing the dildo from her shorts. "Suck it.""Wait!" I hissed. This wasn't the way things weresupposed to go. Not at all!"Shhhh. . ." Pam whispered. "You don't won't anyoneto hear do you?"I couldn't answer. She was poking the tip of the pinkcock at my lips. "Hurry," she hissed. "Hurry beforesomeone comes."Jesus, I couldn't let anyone see me. Not like that.I would never live it down. I opened my lips and tookit in. I sucked it for her. I sucked her dildo rightthere in the back yard at her friend's house. Itwasn't really arousing at first. I was mostly scaredsomeone would catch us and where Jane seemed to haveTarzan well in hand, it was my wife who had me inhand. She had one leg thrown over my shoulder, andshe leaned against the shed, pumping in and out of mymouth at her leisure. With my hands cuffed behind myback, all I could do was take it, and try not to gag.Pam was breathing heavy and moaning, running herfingers through the wig I was wearing. The airwhistled in and out of my nose as I sought to catch mybreath."Suck it - suck it- suck it," Pam moaned. Shecouldn't be enjoying it, could she? I didn'tunderstand. It was only rubber. She acted like shecould feel it.Finally, she pulled out and I gasped for breath."Honey," I begged. "You got to be quiet. Please,someone will hear.""I told you to call me officer, remember?"Shit, I was tired of this game. I was tired ofcalling her officer, the heels, the skirt that keptrising up, but most of all, I was tired of feeling sogoddamn vulnerable. I would have argued with her, butI was in no position to argue. I was in even less ofone, when she walked behind me and pulled up on myhands. There was nothing to do, but bend forward. Ifelt her hands separating the cheeks of my bottom.Suddenly, I felt even more vulnerable."I guess you need a cavity search to teach you somemanners," she said."No," I gasped. No fucking way!She spit in my tightly clenched hole in answer,otherwise totally ignoring my objection. "Mmmmm," shemoaned as she penetrated me with a finger."No-honey-not this-ugh-oh-god-please-this is - ugh -serious." Her finger was making it very difficult totalk. Hell, it was making it hard to think. I couldfeel it pushing inside of me, violating me, regardlessof my clenching sphincter or desires to the contrary.God, it felt good, but someone might see. She had tostop."I can feel you squeezing my finger with your ass yourandy whore," my wife whispered. "Squeeze it. Go on.Show me how much you want it. God, you've got me sofucking hot." She reached around and felt my cock.No matter how much I wanted it not to be, it was hardas a rock and pulsed in her grip. I felt thesensation all the way in my ass when I clenchedinvoluntarily.I didn't want her to think I wanted it, so I tried torelax, tried not to clench, tried not to show theeffects of her finger. She kept going a while longer,and eventually pulled her finger out. I prayed shewas done playing this game, even though secretly Iyearned to feel her touch again.She spit again. "Tell me to stop," she said."Sto-ughh." I grunted mid syllable. Oh God, I wasfuller than before. She must have used two fingers oreven three. Hell, who knows how many she was using.Goddamn, even when I clenched, I couldn't tighten Iwas so stretched."What was that whore?" was her snide remark. "Icouldn't quite make that out."I rested my weight on my chest and the side of my facewas pressed into the cold wet grass. I could onlyimagine how I must look in my indecent attire, my legssplayed, my ass riding high in the air. I felt soexposed, so vulnerable, so sluttish. Is sluttish aword? Who knows? I only knew my wife was inside mewhere no one had been before and it felt good. Itfelt goddamn good."St-" I began. I was going to say stop, but itsuddenly hit me that she might *actually* stop. Andmost of all, I realized I didn't want her to stop.Ever. I lay there and accepted it gladly. Evenreveling in the sensation as she twisted her fingersaround inside of me."I couldn't hear you," she said. "But it sounded likeyou said stop."Pam pulled her fingers out. I felt empty and cold.She spit in my arsehole again, I waited for her tostick her fingers in again. But, instead of her warmfingers, I felt cold rubber. I relaxed as best Icould, but she didn't penetrate me. She only teasedme. Poking lightly at my hole."Was that what you said whore? Did you say stop?"She was enjoying herself. She could be such a bitchsometimes. She was going to make me say I wanted it.I could imagine her there in her uniform, gripping myhips, grinning as she looked down while I tried topush back against her."No," I answered. "No, I didn't officer.""Then what did you say whore? What is it that youwant?"Whore. I felt like a whore. Her whore. It wasstrange, but I never knew this side of my wife. Neverknew it existed until now. Hell, I didn't even knowthis side of me."Fuck me." There I said it. It wasn't so hard."How do you want me to fuck you? I want to hear yousay it exactly."I could feel her getting into position behind me.Getting ready to give it to me."Fuck me," I said again. This time it was easier, soI continued. "Fuck me any way you want me. Fuck mehoney-officer-sweetie, whatever you want to be, justgive it to me-ugh-oh SHIT!" She was pushing it insideme then. It was larger than I expected and it feltlike it went in forever. I begged her for more. Itold her I was her whore. She eventually pushed herhand over my mouth to quiet me. She fucked me likethat, running her hands over my back and hips whileshe pushed into me."I'm getting ready to cum," she announced. Shereached around my hips and grabbed my cock. "And Iwant you to cum with me."Her pace grew frenzied. My ass was starting to burn.My balls were boiling over. "Hurry," I urged. Icouldn't wait much longer."Wait-wait-hold on. . ." she gasped. I could tell shewas close by the thick sound of her voice. "Oh-oh."Her body spasmed. "Here it is. Oh god, here it is."Even as she said it, I was cumming too, growling likean a****l and hugging her close with my calves.When it was over, she helped me to my feet andunlocked the cuffs.I rubbed my sore wrists. I was dazed. "God," I said."That was. . .""Incredible," she finished. "But look honey, I have aconfession. The costume shop didn't mix the order up.I did.""I kind of figured that out when I saw your billy-club," I laughed."Then you're not mad.""I'm a little sore." I rubbed my ass. "But not mad.""I love you sweetie." She tucked herself in andkissed me. "You're the best.""I love you too." I stepped into my panties andpulled my skirt down. "But we need to-""Get out of here as inconspicuously as possible" Pamfinished."Yes. Exactly." I didn't need to be told twice.However, we soon found the gate was locked and theonly way out was back through the house. Well, itcouldn't be that bad. We were just a littledisheveled. No one would be able to tell what we weredoing. Not exactly. Besides, if Tarzan and Jane haddone it, why couldn't we?Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Gina spotted usjust as we walked out of the kitchen."Where have you guys been?" she asked, and then lookeddown, inspecting us. "And what on earth have you beendoing?"I looked down. Shit! My knees and top were soakedwith water and stained by the grass."I fell," I blurted. "You know - I'm not ah - used tothese - heels."I watched as Gina grinned and glanced down at Pam'slegs. "And what happened to you little Miss?"Only Pam's knees were stained. It didn't take a brainsurgeon to guess at the details."I was helping her-I mean him - I mean my husbandback up."Pam was lucky to have her mirrored sunglasses on, butthey didn't hide her blushing cheeks."Uh-huh," Gina said disbelievingly. "Pam, I want tohear some juicy details on Monday. Now, you two waithere until I give the signal."Gina left and a few seconds later we heard Ginaannounce, "Okay . . .who wants to see me chug a beer?"There was a whoop, and we made a break for it. On theway past the living room, I noticed Gina on the coffeetable chugging a beer, her tits jiggled on top of herwhite corset. It wasn't often you see MarthaWashington chug a beer. It proved to be a gooddistraction and we escaped without anyone elsespotting us.We got into the car and drove off."Whew, that was close," Pam said."You're not really going to like tell her anything onMonday, are you?""I'm going to have to tell her something." Pam said."She saved us big time.""Well, just don't tell her *everything*," I said."And take off those glasses. I want to get home inone piece."She took them off. "And I want to get home and get apiece. Do you think you can get it up again?""We'll see soon enough," I said grinning. Pam didn'tknow that I still had her cuffs, but she would soonfind out. However, that is another story.
04-06-2021, at 11:31 PM

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